Work Days with Shirley Heinze Land Trust

The Beverly Shores Environmental Restoration Group (ERG), in conjuction with the Shirley Heinze Land Trust (SHLT), will be holding workdays for invasive plant removal at two SHLT properties in Beverly Shores.

The first property is located on the east side of Broadway between Atwater and Leewater. A native woodland wildflower and fern garden and nature trail are being added to this site. Look in the near future for signage, plant name tags, and possibly even an information kiosk. A workday will be held here on Saturday, May 9. The workday will take place between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Park along Broadway near the preserve. Work will focus on removal of garlic mustard, dame’s rocket, oriental bittersweet, and burning bush.

The second property, a twenty acre wetland and trail, is located a block west of Merrivale along Beverly Drive. The beautiful natural area has trailheads on Beverly Drive and East Bellevue. The workday here will take place Saturday, September 12 between 9:00 a.m and 12 p.m. Park along East Bellevue just west of Merrivale. Work will focus on oriental bittersweet and other invasive woody plants.

Parking permits will be obtained from the Marshal for these workdays. On all workdays, due to limited parking space, we recommend that you carpool, walk, or bicycle, if possible to the workday.

SHLT will provide bottled water (but bring your own reusable water bottle if you prefer) and insect repellant, loppers, gloves, goggles, TecNu poison ivy protection, and other basic equipment. But come prepared with protective footwear, long pants, long sleeves, hats and sunscreen. There is some poison ivy and of course our other friends, mosquitos and ticks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Terry Bonace of ERG at (219) 201-4541 (tbonace or Christine Maloney of SHLT at (219) 916-8940 (

Beverly Shores Environmental Restoration Group,
P.O. Box 667, Beverly Shores, IN 46301