Please consider joining the Environmental Restoration Group. We are a 501(c)3 organization, so your membership is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Select your household membership from a level below. Please send your check, name, mailing address, email, phone, and Beverly Shores address to:
Beverly Shores Environmental Restoration Group
P.O. Box 667
Beverly Shores, IN 46301

Wild Lupine Circle

  • $250. Your generous contribution will help us remove invasive plant species that threaten our beautiful but delicate ecosystem.
  • You, like the wild lupine, are a valued member of our community. The uncommon wild lupine is an important food source for the endangered Karner blue butterfly.

Little Bluestem Circle

  • $150. Your membership will help us protect our dunes and prairies, everywhere from the Great Marsh to the shores of Lake Michigan.
  • Little bluestem grass, with its flowers appearing in feathery tufts along the upper stem, is native to both wet and dry prairies throughout our area.

Household Membership

  • $75.
  • Help support our educational activities, including walks, our website, our app, the Beglin Garden, our deer monitoring and control, and our work with native species.