ERG's Bob Beglin Garden Report

Annette Young

Welcoming you to Beverly Shores, the Environmental Restoration Group’s garden, located just south of the Town Hall, is a thriving example of indigenous flowering plants and grasses that grace our Midwest prairies. Conceived by Bob Beglin to showcase the return of natural flora post successful control of the deer population to a sustainable density, it is named in his honor.

The perennial gardener›s adage, “The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap,” speaks to this garden›s beginnings. The four year-old garden of twenty-six species was planted under the guidance of Bill Schaudt in the blistering heat of 2012. Bill nurtured the fledgling plants through the season, and witnessed them “creep” into the next spring. The following year, twenty-nine species leaped, providing an array of color that begins with an abundance of magenta columbine and the ecologically critical blue lupine, and continues through winter with the interest of the silvery grasses.

The garden is prolific now and contributing to the community. During fall clean up and thinning, many plants were shared with our neighbor garden down the road, Four Corners. As well, a variety of species were donated to the Growing up Green enrichment project of Safe Harbor, a Michigan City After School Program. The project introduces horticulture to students in grades 4-12. Many of the schools have gardens started and cared for by the program to provide hands on experience. The ERG plants were used as the foundation of the Native Garden at Marsh Elementary.

The Bob Beglin Memorial Garden was featured as the first stop on the 2015 Beverly Shores Garden and Art Walk, an event sponsored by ERG and ABSR. Visitors were educated by ERG docents on the use of natives in their home landscaping.

The next time you are in town, enjoy a short stroll past this beautiful garden!

Beverly Shores Environmental Restoration Group,
P.O. Box 667, Beverly Shores, IN 46301