Depot Planting Party

With the Beglin Garden just across Broadway in great shape, the Depot Museum asked ERG's Bill Schaudt to install an appropriate garden of native plants in space once occupied by invasives. On July 12, 2017, Caryn Brown, Annette Young, Patti Sullivan, Kathy Fischer, Bill Schaudt, and Ed Kleese held a “Planting Party” at the Depot, planting over 400 native plants.

Members of the informal “Breakfast Club Boys” group donated funds to buy the plants. Bill Schaudt organized the planting crew and purchased plants including black-eyed susan, switch grass, coneflowers, prairie dock, and milkweed. Bob Young and Pratt Industries donated corrugated board used in creating the planting.

Come view the result of another great example of the wonderful community spirit we have here in Beverly Shores. ERG is proud to have spearheaded this reflection of its Beglin Garden.

Before picture

What was once invasive lyme grass…

A complement to the Beglin Garden

After photo

…is now a native garden

and a compliment to Bill Schaudt.

Depot crew

Depot Planting Crew

Caryn Brown, Kathy Fischer, Bill Schaudt, Annette Young, Patti Sullivan. Photo by Ed Kleese.

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