Workday at SHLT Property on Broadway

May 12, 2018

Shirley Heinze Land Trust

The Environmental Restoration Group in conjunction with the Shirley Heinze Land Trust held a workday on Saturday May 12 between 9 am and 12 pm at the SHLT property located on the east side of Broadway between Atwater and Leewater. Volunteers removed invasives including garlic mustard, dame's rocket, oriental bittersweet, and burning bush. In their place, we began the development of a naturalized woodland wildflower and native plant garden. This project complements the ERG's Beglin Garden, located across the street from the Depot, which features full sun native plants of prairies and dunes. Our contact person for this project is Terry Bonace, who can be reached by email at or call him at (219) 201-4541.

Beverly Shores Environmental Restoration Group,
P.O. Box 667, Beverly Shores, IN 46301